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Adambulacral Next to the ambulacra; as, the adambulacral ossicles of the starfish. Ambulacra of Ambulacrum Ambulacral Of or pertaining to ambulacra; avenuelike; as, the ambulacral ossicles, plates, spines, and suckers of echinoderms. Ambulacriform Having the form of ambulacra. Ambulacrum One of the radical zones of echinoderms, along which run the principal nerves, blood vessels, and water tubes. These zones usually bear rows of locomotive suckers or tentacles, which protrude from regular pores. In star fishes they occupy the grooves alon Ambulance A field hospital, so organized as to follow an army in its movements, and intended to succor the wounded as soon as possible. Often used adjectively; as, an ambulance wagon; ambulance stretcher; ambulance corps. Ambulant Walking; moving from place to place. Ambulate To walk; to move about. Ambulation The act of walking. Ambulative Walking. Ambulator One who walks about; a walker. Ambulatorial Ambulatory; fitted for walking. Ambulatories of Ambulatory Ambulatory Of or pertaining to walking; having the faculty of walking; formed or fitted for walking; as, an ambulatory animal. Amburry Same as Anbury. Ambury A soft tumor or bloody wart on horses or oxen. Ambuscade A lying in a wood, concealed, for the purpose of attacking an enemy by surprise. Hence: A lying in wait, and concealed in any situation, for a like purpose; a snare laid for an enemy; an ambush. Ambuscaded of Ambuscade Ambuscading of Ambuscade Ambuscado Ambuscade. Ambuscadoed Posted in ambush; ambuscaded. Ambush A disposition or arrangement of troops for attacking an enemy unexpectedly from a concealed station. Hence: Unseen peril; a device to entrap; a snare. Ambushed of Ambush Ambusher One lying in ambush. Ambushing of Ambush Ambushment An ambush. Ambustion A burn or scald. Antambulacral Away from the ambulacral region. Bambusa tall tender clumping bamboos Bambuseae bamboos chlorambucil an alkalating agent (trade name Leukeran) used to treat some kinds of cancer Choriambus A foot consisting of four syllables, of which the first and last are long, and the other short (- ~ ~ -); that is, a choreus, or trochee, and an iambus united. Choriambuses of Choriambus Circumambulate To walk round about. Deambulate To walk abroad. Deambulation A walking abroad; a promenading. Deambulatory Going about from place to place; wandering; of or pertaining to a deambulatory. Diiambus A double iambus; a foot consisting of two iambuses (/ / / /). Dithyrambus See Dithyramb. Drambuie a sweet Scotch whisky liqueur Enambush To ambush. Funambulate To walk or to dance on a rope. Funambulation Ropedancing. Funambulatory Performing like a ropedancer. Funambulist A ropewalker or ropedancer. Funambulo Alt. of Funambulus Funambulus A ropewalker or ropedancer. Gambusia mosquitofish garambulla small berrylike fruit Hamburg A commercial city of Germany, near the mouth of the Elbe. hamburger beef that has been ground Iambus A foot consisting of a short syllable followed by a long one, as in /mans, or of an unaccented syllable followed by an accented one, as invent; an iambic. See the Couplet under Iambic, n. Iambuses of Iambus Interambulacra of Interambulacrum Interambulacral Of or pertaining to the interambulacra. Interambulacrum In echinoderms, one of the areas or zones intervening between two ambulacra. See Illust. of Ambulacrum. Interambulacrums of Interambulacrum Jambul The Java plum; also, a drug obtained from its bark and seeds, used as a remedy for diabetes. Noctambulation Somnambulism; walking in sleep. Noctambulism Somnambulism. Noctambulist A somnambulist. Noctambulo A noctambulist. Perambulate To walk through or over; especially, to travel over for the purpose of surveying or examining; to inspect by traversing; specifically, to inspect officially the boundaries of, as of a town or parish, by walking over the whole line. Perambulated of Perambulate Perambulating of Perambulate Perambulation The act of perambulating; traversing. Perambulator One who perambulates. Pernambuco a port city of northeastern Brazil on the Atlantic Preambulary Of or pertaining to a preamble; introductory; contained or provided for in a preamble. Preambulate To walk before. Preambulation A walking or going before; precedence. Preambulatory Preceding; going before; introductory. Preambulous See Perambulatory. rambunctious noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline; "a boisterous crowd"; "a social gathering that became rambunctious and out of hand"; "a robustious group of teenagers"; "beneath the rumbustious surface of his paintings is sympathy for the vulnerability of or Rambutan A Malayan fruit produced by the tree Nephelium lappaceum, and closely related to the litchi nut. It is bright red, oval in shape, covered with coarse hairs (whence the name), and contains a pleasant acid pulp. Called also ramboostan. sambuca an Italian liqueur made with elderberries and flavored with licorice Sambucus A genus of shrubs and trees; the elder. Sambuke An ancient stringed instrument used by the Greeks, the particular construction of which is unknown. Sambur An East Indian deer (Rusa Aristotelis) having a mane on its neck. Its antlers have but three prongs. Called also gerow. The name is applied to other species of the genus Rusa, as the Bornean sambur (R. equina). Somnambular Of or pertaining to somnambulism; somnambulistic. Somnambulate To walk when /sleep. Somnambulation The act of walking in sleep. Somnambulator A somnambulist. Somnambule A somnambulist. Somnambulic Somnambulistic. Somnambulism A condition of the nervous system in which an individual during sleep performs actions approppriate to the waking state; a state of sleep in which some of the senses and voluntary powers are partially awake; noctambulism. Somnambulist A person who is subject to somnambulism; one who walks in his sleep; a sleepwalker; a noctambulist. Somnambulistic Of or pertaining to a somnambulist or somnambulism; affected by somnambulism; appropriate to the state of a somnambulist. Stambul the largest city and former capital of Turkey; rebuilt on the site of ancient Byzantium by Constantine I in the fourth century; renamed Constantinople by Constantine who made it the capital of the Byzantine Empire; now the seat of the Eastern Orthodox Chu Tamburin See Tambourine. Tamburlaine Mongolian ruler of Samarkand who led his nomadic hordes to conquer an area from Turkey to Mongolia (1336-1405) Ynambu A South American tinamou (Rhynchotus rufescens); -- called also perdiz grande, and rufous tinamou. See Illust. of Tinamou.

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